Zentralafrikanische Republik

Angst und Vertreibung - mit den Augen eines Fotografen gesehen (in Englisch)

Zentralafrikanische Republik: Angst und Vertreibung - mit den Augen eines Fotografen gesehen (in Englisch)
Mit den Augen eines Fotografen: Angst und Vertreibung. Fotoreportage von Spencer Platt
A girl attempts to sell merchandise in a market in Birao.
A family with a sick child seeks medical care in Ouaki. The roads here are frequented by bandits.
This young girl is one among more than 2,300 living in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp in Kabo.
Most people in these camps were driven from their homes by violent battles between armed groups and government forces that started in 2005.
People walk home from working in the fields in Kaga Bandoro.
A boy looks out from a measles vaccination line at an MSF clinic in Kabo.
Many thousands of villagers throughout northern CAR now live in the forest for relative safety, coming back at times to check on their homes, if their homes are still standing.
In Birao, a woman and her daughter wait to be seen at an MSF clinic.
An MSF team member vaccinates a child against measles in Kabo.
People gather on the grounds of an MSF hospital where their family members are being treated, in Kabo.
Residents of Ouandango village listen to MSF staff give information about a measles outbreak in the area.
Children play near huts in an IDP camp where more than 2,300 are living.
This 13-year-old boy was shot in the leg during a raid on Massabiou last April.
Thirty-six people were killed during the attack on Massabiou, and thousands were displaced.
A woman with an advanced case of malaria is treated at an MSF clinic in Kabo.
A 10-day-old malnourished baby is brought to the MSF clinic in Gordil.
The baby's mother road 20 miles over harsh dirt roads on a motorcycle to try to save his life.
In Massabiou, a young herder rides with his family's animals into the village.
A villager leads the photographer outside of Massabiou.
Men pause at the gravesites of those who were killed when armed groups attacked Massabiou last April.
A sick woman walks to an MSF mobile clinic in Sikikede.
A seven-year-old boy is treated for an eye infection an MSF mobile clinic in Sikikede.
A father waits for his son to be examined at an MSF clinic in Sikikede.
In Ouandango, villagers listen to MSF staff give information on a measles outbreak.
People gather at an MSF-supported hospital in Kabo.
Displaced people walk through an IDP camp in Kabo.
Inside an IDP camp in Kabo, a woman holds her child.