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Work with us across the world

We are always on the lookout for qualified medical and non-medical staff who are willing to volunteer some of their time and skills to support those in need.

Important information: Working with us in the Palestinian Territories
Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our work! Following recent events in the Palestinian Territories we are receiving many offers to work with us in this region. However, our application process for project staff does not allow applications for specific countries. Which projects new project staff can be sent to will be decided only after a successful application process, based on the current needs in our worldwide projects. Find out more about our recruiting process and why it works this way.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical relief organization with 28 offices worldwide. When large-scale epidemics occur, and when crisis areas are too dangerous for many other organizations, our medical teams are there to assist those in need. We organize basic medical care, treat the injured, carry out vaccination campaigns, train local staff and build up medical infrastructure. In long-term aid projects our teams fight diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness, and HIV/AIDS.

The work demands appropriate professional knowledge, enormous motivation as well as commitment and it is often exhausting.  But we are sure that it is immeasurably rewarding to provide much needed support to people.

This page is aimed specifically at people who are a residents of Germany, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia or Ukraine. If you are not a resident of one of these countries, please contact the MSF office closest to you. This website has information about which MSF office to apply through. German speaking applicants can find more information about working with MSF here.

When working abroad with MSF, you will have to adapt to many changes. A new lifestyle awaits you, where free time and privacy can be limited. But thousands of people who have worked with MSF have found their experiences in the field not only demanding, but enriching. For many, an MSF posting has even proved to be a turning point in their lives.

What we offer

Terms and conditions vary, but generally as an MSF field employee you will receive:

  • Salary sufficient to cover costs at home while you are in the field
  • A per diem during assignment to cover food expenses and other local purchases in local currency
  • Round-trip transportation to and from assignment
  • Room and board during assignment
  • A comprehensive insurance package, including health and emergency evacuation insurance
  • Holiday leave (depending on project)

Read more about our benefits here.


General requirements

For most roles the follow applies. More details can be found in each job spec linked below.

  • At least two years of relevant professional experience
  • Availability for a minimum of 9 months (surgeons, anesthetists and obstetricians/gynecologists may be accepted for shorter assignments)
  • Excellent command of English and ideally further foreign language skills in French, Spanish, Arabic or Russian. Knowledge of French and English is a prerequisite for some profiles. A good knowledge of French has a significant impact on the overall assessment and final selection decision. 
  • Relevant travel or work experience
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Ability to work and live in a team
  • Intercultural competence
  • Experience supervising, managing and training others is highly desirable


How to apply

Please apply only via our online application system, which you find at the job profiles below. Unfortunately, we can not accept applications via mail. For an application you will also need the following documents:

  • Complete curriculum vitae in English (please without a photo). Please use the following sample as a guideline for the content and structure of your CV.
  • Detailed letter of motivation in English 
  • Copies of your professional certificates and most recent employment reference
  • If required, a filled-out skill list in English. You can find the list on the online application formula

Find out more about the application process here.


Profiles we recruit

The list below contains the main professional profiles needed in a MSF project. Learn more about the respective roles and requirements by clicking the specific job profile. You can also apply here.

If you are not sure which job group you should apply for, you can send us your application speculatively. To do so, please click here. Please note that in any case you must fulfill the general requirements for working with MSF. If you have questions about working and living in the field, about specific job profiles or about the application process, you can contact us by mail: [email protected]Please write us only in case of further questions and do not send us your application via mail.

Find our German office positions here and our German face-to-face fundraising positions here.


Anne Ebner
- Team Recruitment Projects
Jutta Bachmann
Jutta Bachmann
- Team Recruitment Projects
Mateusz Mackos, surgeon

“Every day was extremely challenging. We treated an incredible number of patients, sometimes hundreds in a day. The fighting didn’t stop, the violence was frightening. An Australian colleague who was a vascular surgeon and I worked 14 to 18-hour days in two operating theatres.”

Christine Tasnier, Midwife

“I see a lot of suffering and distress, but I also see a lot of joy, that’s why I’m a midwife. When children are born it is always an incredible moment. All over the world."

Sabine Breisacher, nurse

“I have learned so much. Like that there is no right or wrong, just different. Or that you always have to think things through right to the end and plan for all eventualities – even for the kind of things that wouldn’t immediately occur to you.”

Mohammad Al-Rifai
Mohammad Al-Rifai, architect

"On a professional level, I faced some big challenges, because we work in an area where not everything is available on a technical level. This means we are confronted with daily challenges that we have to find solutions for in order to have everything ready for the physicians and our daily work. I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved in the last nine months."