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What we offer

Working in our projects is a job like no other. It can be very challenging and we may not be able to pay you as much as other employers. Nevertheless, we can offer you some benefits.

Employment contract, insurance and payment

  • Temporary employment and secondment contract subject to social security contributions, including vacation entitlement
  • A monthly entry-level salary
  • Comprehensive insurance package: international health insurance, repatriation service, occupational disability, life, luggage and personal and professional malpractice insurance
  • In case of medical emergency, referral and transport to the nearest country with adequate medical standards or travel repatriation service to your home country  

Further benefits during the assignment

  • Free accommodation and meals in the project country
  • Daily allowance in local currency to cover your daily expenses
  • Payment of all mission-related travel expenses
  • Vacation days  that comply with respective labor laws. How and when you can take your vacation depends on the security situation in the respective country, the resources available and the workload. For visa and insurance reasons, it is not always possible to leave the project country while taking your vacation time
  • Since the work is often very strenuous, most projects also have so-called Rest & Recreation phases. The length and location of these periods are determined within the project
  • If necessary, medical support is provided by experienced colleagues via an online platform. You will also be in touch with your contacts in Berlin or the Operational Center on a regular basis

Support before and after the assignment

  • Organization of travel arrangements: procurement of visas, flights, certificates for authorities and health insurance providers
  • Complete coverage of all costs for the tropical fitness examination (called G 35 in Germany), vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis
  • Advice from your personal expatriate advisors
  • Internal preparation course at Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Information package and briefing on the security situation and rules of conduct in the country of assignment
  • Project-related briefings and debriefings
  • If necessary, a language refresher course for French speaking missions
  • Comprehensive debriefing by experienced staff and psychologists 
  • Medical check-up at the end of the project
  • Contact with, and support from specially trained volunteer colleagues with deployment experience

Further training and career opportunities

  • Individual career counseling by your Career Manager in Berlin
  • Internal and external training
  • Development opportunities within Médecins Sans Frontières  
  • We are particularly interested in professionals willing to make a long-term commitment to MSF and will do everything we can to support you in this endeavor.

Beyond that ...

  • Working with us means that no day will be like the other. You will gain experience that will shape you, probably for a lifetime.
  • You will be part of a professional, international and committed team. Every year, around 65,000 people from more than 130 countries work with us.
  • You will perform meaningful work in an impartial and independent organization. For 50 years, Médecins Sans Frontières has been helping where help is needed the most.

From the projects

From conflict zones to epidemics, our staff and patients are facing crisis situations around the globe. Read our blogs and find out what life is like on the frontline of the world's medical emergencies.