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Here's what happens after you apply

1. Feedback on your written application

After receiving your written application, our HR department will contact you within two to six weeks. As a rule, we then make an appointment for a preliminary telephone call. Here we clarify questions and expectations, and if it suits both sides, we invite you to a personal interview. Unfortunately, we cannot cover travel costs.

2. Interview

If the interview is positive, we will ask for your references. After that, we will officially include you in our pool of project staff. 

3. Inclusion in the pool of potential employees

Together we determine the further time schedule and look for a job that fits your profile.

4. Preparation for the assignment

As soon as your project has been decided, we will put together your travel documents and let you know what to expect during your assignment. Depending on the project country, you may need vaccinations and malaria prevention. If possible, you will take part in a one-week preparation course and, if necessary, a language course. After that, it's off to the field.


Profilbild von Florence Testa
Florence Testa
- Team Rekrutierung Ausland