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Safety on assignment overseas

Our emergency medical aid in conflict and crisis areas involves various risks for our employees, even though we do everything we can to minimize them.

If you are planning to work for us, you should be prepared to live in insecure areas of operation. Many of our projects are located in crisis regions where there is some level of security risk. Health facilities can be targets of attacks and the front line can be not far away. Human rights are sometimes massively violated. Rape can be used as a means of war; homosexuality can be persecuted. Even in seemingly stable countries, dangerous situations cannot be completely ruled out.

However, we do everything we can to minimize these risks. The safety of our employees is one of our top priorities. We have precise safety protocols and regulations for each of our projects, which we constantly adapt to the current situation in the area of operation. Our safety regulations can have far-reaching consequences: For example, they may restrict your freedom of movement and contact with the local population throughout the duration of your assignment. Likewise, you may have to ensure, that we can contact you at any time.

The security measures are based on a sharing of responsibility between employees and our organization. This means that everyone must strictly adhere to protocols and regulations - as proper personal behavior and attitude are important aspects of their safety on assignment. Failure to follow safety procedures can be grounds for termination. 

Humanitarian principles as the best protection 

The best you can do for your safety is that you - like all of our employees - follow our humanitarian principles. Proper personal conduct provides essential protection in the field. You should be able to assess the potential negative consequences of words or actions for yourself and others. 

After all, your actions may not only have an impact on the people with whom you are in contact. They may also affect the project which can have a direct impact on the patients we help. Interpersonal conflicts and dealing with multicultural contexts and administrative practices may also have an impact on overall security in the country of mission.

Of course, if necessary, our staff can leave a project if they are not comfortable with the security situation. However, please consider carefully in advance whether an assignment is an option for you in view of risks that cannot be completely ruled out.

From the projects

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